what is it?

I love this plant but do not know for sure what it is. It grows wild in a garden near my art studio. dscn1543.jpgSome one told me it is a salvia. It grows like a ball of pink floating flowers like a pin cushion. Would love any info on what this plant is.                                                                            dscn1541.jpg



3 thoughts on “what is it?

  1. I also love this plant. We were giving some and told they were a true geranium, but I don’t think that is true. I still don’t know what they are called. They take 2 years to bloom so be patient. I actually have some that you can have. They are hardy and transplant well.

  2. it’s Geranium maderense. It’s a perennial, but acts like a biennial. They are not long-lived, but will re-seed!

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