a movie with a lot of fun and twists and turns

When I was in my early 20’s, my Chinese American boyfriend and I used to head over to San Francisco Chinatown and go to three Kung Fu movies for a dollar. I don’t remember there being any subtitles for us non-Chinese speakers, but it didn’t really matter because you knew what was going on. Yesterday, almost 30 years later, I saw a movie which brought back those memories. Kung Fu Hustle by Stephan Chow is a barrel of action-oriented fun but much more slick and with subtitles. If you like to laugh till you cry while riding a roller coaster, then this is the movie for you. Yes there is some violence, but done with such style and humor and finesse that it doesn’t make you want to close your eyes. The bad guys do a mean dance dressed in snazzy attire a la Gangs of New York and a couple of the heroes are a smoking middle aged woman in curlers and a house coat, and a gay donut shop owner. I won’t say any more so you can be delighted and surprised.

“…dumb fun this smart is a gift.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“It’s both utter nonsense and thrillingly imaginative cinema.” – E! Online

“An endearing homage to a genre’s history…” – Robert K. Elder Chicago Tribune


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