art inspiration from our community

“What was she thinking?” is the name of our show coming up in July at the Enso Center Art Gallery in Half Moon Bay, California.

This show came about because Lisa Petrides and I wanted to do our “Grandmothers from Far Lands” performance in Half Moon Bay (first performed in February for the Far From Home exhibit at Gallery Route One in Point Reyes, CA). Since the performance is only 15 minutes long and we felt it needed to be placed in a larger context. That is when Enso owner Mauro Dinucci gave us the gallery to do the performance and fill the it with visual art too. Now what would we do? We knew we still wanted to work with women as a theme and that was about it. We thought about our performance about our immigrant grandmothers, Lisa’s from Greece and mine from Japan. One section of the performance that was especially juicy for us was when we asked our grandmothers questions about what she was thinking? So that became the theme for the whole show.

We decided to employ some members of the Enso Half Moon Bay community to help us with inspiration for the show. jns.jpgNine people, 4 men, 5 women, participated by providing images of women of their choice. Lisa and I will be using the lens of “what was she thinking?” as we look to each image provided and then we will create art accordingly. We will be open to what ever medium calls to be used.

So far I have sat with my 5 images to make a connection with each woman. I observed her demeanor, her surroundings, her attire. I asked her, “what are you thinking in this moment?” I did automatic writing with each woman image.

Lisa and I divided up the images by selecting each one that we would personally be working with. So I searched for the message each of these women has for me specifically. I wondered if I was putting my own feelings into what I would be thinking if I were her? I also wondered what the person was thinking by giving me this woman, their connection to the woman and if she was a reflection of them?

This project is giving me a kick in the butt since I haven’t created anything new in the last two and a half months. It will be challenging to create art and do the publicity and set-up the show by early July, but I feel up for it. As my friend JJW said, I seem to some how thrive under pressure. We will see….

Check out some of my previously created art at


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