critters munching on sunflowers?

I don’t have a photo of the culprits(s) only the scene of the crime – hoping that’s enough of a clue for some one to identify what is eating my sunflower plants. Then what do I do to get rid of these munchers? Is there a safe and organic solution?sunflower22.jpg



2 thoughts on “critters munching on sunflowers?

  1. This could be caused by any number of pests. I would suggest that you start with a good insecticidal soap. You can make this your self by adding ½ tablespoon of natural dish soap to one quart of water, but you are better off buying a commercial insecticidal soap and spraying your sunflowers once a week. Try this before looking for other options.


  2. thanks Chris. I just went over and took a look at your site and it is great. Read the history of sunflowers which is very interesting. I also got the definition of pollenless sunflowers. I planted some but didn’t really understand what that meant until now – thanks!


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