new kids in the hood

Tigra and 2 babiesTigra finally had her kittens at Moontown (Half Moon Bay, CA) with a few complications.

The details – after 5 hours had passed since the first kitten with born, I decided I better call Half Moon Bay Vet before they closed. They had me bring her in and did an x-ray and sonogram which showed 2 more kittens inside. Only one was moving. They tried to induce labor but Tigra could not push out the little one in the birth canal because it was too big or she was too tired – so on to the next stage, c-section! HMB Vet was terrific and did this after hours for us. One more kitten survived the c-section, so we have 2 new additions!

Ander’s dad Arthur and his wife Mickey were here for the whole event so we are thinking of naming the babies Art and Mick. It is hard to believe that these new tykes have been quite the talk of HMB, guess that it is a small town! I love it.

art and mick


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