high tide

High Tide is an exhibition about water, and featuries artwork by our Half Moon Bay friends David and Hi-Jin Hodge, and other artists. 

The couple spent more than a year filming the Pacific Ocean, at the same time each day, from their home in Half Moon Bay. The resulting film, Watertime, is a meditation on the extraordinary variability of water, and on the ocean as a symbol of unrelenting time and change. At times, both ocean and sky in Watertime can be as thick and gray as concrete, or the barely pigmented visual equivalent of a soft breeze. Watertime was first exhibited in Seoul, Korea, in 2006, where it was projected onto the side of a skyscraper. “Watertime” is concurrently showing at the Nobel Peace Museum in Oslo, Norway through the end of August. 

The artists in the High Tide exhibit examine the ways in which we interact with water, and how this flexible, vital resource affects our lives.  Blending painting, digitally conceived works, sculpture, photography, and video, High Tide brings together art that investigates water as a source of inspiration and as a metaphor with multiple connotations.  The nine artists featured explore water’s fluidity, its extraordinary range of color, its variability, and our beaches as scenes of communal recreation. Other participating artists include David Kimball Anderson, Susanna Bluhm, Ashlee Ferlito, Jessalyn Haggenjos, KateSchermerhorn, Peter Shaw, and Sonja Thomsen.

Opening reception:  Thursday, June 14th, 6 – 8 PM

Exibition dates: June 14August 4th, 2007

SPUR Projects, 888 Portola Road, Portola Valley, California    



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