what to do when you lose something

I lost my keys today. I hate that. Since we move between two locations, throughout the day –  the art studio and the beach house (which isn’t as glamorous as it is charmingly cozy) I found myself driving back and forth a few times during the search with no success. Then I started wondering if I left my keys at M Coffee or the postoffice or, or….! That is when I remembered the trick which was taught to us by Mallory which I think was passed on to her by her mother. So here it is, when you have lost something, hang scissors by one handle hole on a nail so they are open. and wait. In a matter of minutes I figured out where the keys were. They were in  a pocket of the bag I took to the beach yesterday! So this hanging scissor thing really works. Try it next time and you will be a believer too.


9 thoughts on “what to do when you lose something

  1. omg that worked! thanks a million! i had lost my guitar folder and was going mental! and i just looked at the scissors for a few mins and there hey were! on the shelf right in front of me! 😀

  2. it really dose work i. i could not find my fine point sharpie that i really needed.and i was playing around with my sisters and said that i was going to google what do youwhen you lose things and i found hanging siccers and i told my sisters and they said if it works they are going to laugh thier butts of and when i found it we all fell to the ground laughing

  3. I lost a movie gift card i got for Christmas so I hung the scissors on the wall. A few moments later my mom found it ! It worked for me , so thank you.

  4. I’m a christian so I doubted this would work. I lost a Ds game and I tried it for fun to see if it would work, but no it didn’t work! Unless thats God’s way of helping me.

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