computer health = my health

I hate it when I’m not feeling that great and then my computer poops out. Does the universe really have to hit me over the head when I’m trying to not pay attention? I guess I have to get a few new parts for my laptop. In the mean time I’m praying that my hard drive is not too trashed so I can get stuff off it and I’m surfing and checking my email at the HMB library. Eric has been the technical angel that doesn’t give me sh_t all the time that I do not have an Apple computer.

I may even go back to old fashioned cut and paste method for designing the postcard for our upcoming Enso art show in July – which could even be fun! 

The blog will probably be a bit sparse until I’m up and running again on my system. Sorry!

Hey if anyone has a spare computer for me to use until mine gets repaired, you would be a life saver!


4 thoughts on “computer health = my health

  1. well right now I’ve been given the chance to test drive one by my friend Esther while mine is kapute. I am sooo grateful!

    I’ll proabably be sending my dell Inspiron 8600 to Dell for a hardware replacement and possibly a video card replacement too. The power was acting wonky and then vertical flashy colored lines started taking over the screen. As you can tell, by my descriptions, I am very technical! Of course I am out of warrenty so if this stuff ends up being too expensive, I may finally get an Apple.

    It is just that I have always been on the PC side, working for Hercules computer and Intel. I even worked for Atari when they came out with their computer at the same time as Apple! I guess that gives you an idea of how old I am!

    Well now that i have left hi tech to be an artist, maybe i should change platforms – it could happen!

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