real reason

One of my fellow bloggers emerging crone reminded me of the spiritual side of the detox and fast that we Ander and I are doing. After all the planning, shopping and preparation, there is that, the real reason for doing it. Taking care of ourselves is important. It is time to step out of the everyday routines and habits that do not serve us or nurture us and get centered. Because in reality we do have control of what we do, how we treat others and ourselves, how we feel. It is easy to get lazy or too busy to care or have the time to remember to care for ourselves so we can be more present. By ridding our body of toxins and paying attention to what we eat we become more clear to face the day and tough things coming our way.

home veggies
The detox and fast also supports the way of life that we have been investing in, the desire to have a small footprint, to eat locally produced food, to be more self sufficent, to simplify. By eating out of our own garden and the lovely Enso community garden, we are releasing less fumes into our atmosphere because we are not driving over the hill and we are eating locally produced food instead of trucked in or flown in items from other states and countries. We know where our food is actually coming from. We are touching the earth and she is nurturing us.


2 thoughts on “real reason

  1. we have a one room sleeping shed that is smaller than most people’s walk in closet and an outdoor tub in progress. most of our property is for gardening and we have a bbq and outdoor stone table. Sometimes it is tough, but mostly we love it!

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