we are starting

Ander and I have been threatening to do it and now we are! We are starting a detox diet tomorrow. You may ask, why are you guys doing this? Well for me I want to jump start my health, get more energy, remove toxins, lose some weight and feel better. Ander pretty much has the same goals.

I am using the Ann Louise Gittleman book “The Fast Track One-day Detox Diet” as a guide. Don’t worry it is not really a one day detox because it has a 7 day prequel, the one-day cranberry special drink and water process, and then 3 day follow up.

One factor which is adding some fun and incentive is that we can now eat from our garden while supportiing our detox. We will supplement from the Enso garden and buy a few organic items like oranges, lemons, cabbage.

So anyway in case anyone wants to follow along or join in, here is what we are doing for the next 7 days:

1) eating crucifers which “enhance the process called glutathione conjugation during which the liver converts fat soluble toxins into water soluble substances that can pass out as urine”. we can chose from:
cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, broccoli, or brocoli sprouts.

2) eating green leafy veggies and herbs which are blood purifiers and natural internal deodorizers. We can chose from parsely, kale, watercress, chard, cilantro, beet greens, collards, escarole, dandelion greeens, mustard greens

3) eating citrus – orange, lemon, lime

4) eating sulfur-rich foods line garlic, onions, eggs, diakon radish which makes toxins easier to eliminate.

5) eatiing liver healers like artichoke, asparagus, beets, celery, dandelion root tea, whey, or nutritional yeast flakes.

6) eating colon-caring food like powdered psyllium husks, ground flaxseeds, carrots, apple, pear, or berries.

7) drinking a lot of water

8) eating protein (hurrah!) which activates production of enzymes to break down toxins. We choose from beef, veal, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish or blue algae or spirulina.

9) olive oil, flaxseed oil to help the colon.

Hey it doesn’t sound so bad, right? But of course it also means no coffee, black tea, sugar, alcohol, wheat and other bad stuff! We will be testing our willpower. I’ll update on our progress. And no tempting us to be bad!


2 thoughts on “we are starting

  1. Last year when I was preparing for my vision quest, I spent a lot of time doing short term fasts. The first time I tried – I got a terrible headache! Then I read a wonderful book called “The fasting path : the way to spiritual, physical, and emotional enlightenment.”

    Once I began to weave the emotional and spiritual pieces into the physical rigors of fasting – it became very easy to fast.

    Enjoy your experiment with detoxing. I believe that when we change our diets or lifestyles and make shifts that enhance our wellness, the multiverse steps in to support us.

    I support you.

  2. thank you for your reading suggestion. I find it interesting that the last time I did a fast was also in conjunction with a vision quest. I am in the process of researching doing another quest. It is good to be reminded of the spiritual side of the detox fast. I feel as though I have lost some touch with my body so this is a way for me to get back in synch. Thank you for your support.

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