on with the fast

We finished up the 7 day prequel to our detox fast with pretty good results. We are both feeling lighter and healthier.

The hardest part for each of us was different. For Ander, he wanted sweets. For me, I wanted salt and crunch. The sweet flax seed taste and the nutritional yeast saltiness helped at bit. I did not miss coffee, though he missed his black tea with cream and sugar.

We just went for doing the detox diet without giving much thought to the timing. I ran into a few other women at the health food store also doing a fast and detox. I thought, what a coincidence, until I realized it was the week of the summer solstice. Another timing issue I hadn’t considered was that I was doing this while PMS! Usually I try and not doing anything too stressful doing this time in my cycle, but the diet really worked in improving my moods and actually aided in me not just going with my usual food cravings.

Ann Louis Gittleman outlines in her book, The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet, the 3 parts to the detox:

The Prequel— seven days of adding detox-supporting foods and/or supplements to your diet to prepare your body for the Fast.

The Fast— one day of sipping Ann Louise’s “Miracle Juice”, a delicious spiced mixture of herbs and spices specially designed to stave off hunger, balance blood sugar, boost metabolism and replenish nutrients.

The Sequel— three days of re-introducing supportive and immune-boosting foods and supplements to “seal in” the results of your program and provide the foundation for a slimmer, healthier life.

So today we started the one day fast. I prepared the “miracle juice” last night (unsweetened cranberry juice, filtered water, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger which was simmered together) and this morning added the fresh squeezed oranges and lemons and a few drops of stevia

Ander started off with water and psyllium powder and I did ground flaxseed and water. We will repeat this tonight after alternately drinking the miracle juice and filtered water every hour for the next 17 hours!

She claims people have lost 3-13 pounds on the diet. We are going to judge by how we look and feel since we do not have a scale. We already know we want to integrate many of the ideas we have learned so far so that has been worth it all.

For example we learned a lot from Gittleman’s book about selecting and eating organic veggies, fruits, and meats, and we are embracing that as part of our eating moving forward. Also doing this diet, while reading Kingsolver’s book, Animal, Vegetable Miracle, a year of food life, has been reinforcing the idea of eating locally and knowing where your food comes from. I am happy that we have become more educated gardeners and consumers.


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