after the fast, eating and dreaming (and gluten-free pancake recipe)

If you have been keeping up with the last few posts on our detox and fast saga, I wanted you to know that we survived the fast and are on to the sequel.

For me, everything seems brighter and clearer today. Visually colors are more vibrant and shapes more defined. I’ve broken my artist block and started creating again. I feel much more beautiful and my mood has shifted – all this through adjusting what I eat!

The fast went relatively well with no agonizing hunger pains. We alternately drank the miracle juice concoction and filtered water from 10:30am to 11pm. I’m not sure how much weight we lost but some pounds have definitely disappeared – hurrah! We feel cleaner and clearer.

A suggestion for couples or friends doing the fast together – do not expect that you will both react the same way to being on a fast! We had originally had these romantic ideas that we (a couple) would go away for the day and be in nature for our fast. Well, that didn’t happen because he ended up being on call for work. Perhaps that was best anyway because one must really be near a bathroom since you will be visiting it often! Another reason the romantic togetherness did not really occur was because we were in different spaces. Me, I wanted to be quiet and still. He wanted to do things like clean his van, play music with his friends, and work. I ended up reading a lot and sitting in the sun. All in all at the end of the night we finished our drinks and our flaxseed and psyllium while watching a film and went to bed, without any hunger pains.

This morning we woke up and I cooked us “Morning-after Puffy Apple Flaxcakes” (which is a great recipe for those who cannot eat wheat) and Russian yogurt with live cultures, to break our fast. The recipe from Ann Louise Gittleman’s book, The Fast Track One-day Detox diet follows at the end of the post.

We have 3 days of follow up diet to seal in the results of the detox fast and to help our liver and colon process any remaining toxins. We hope to keep on the greens and liver and colon supporting regiment forever, eating organic and self grown produce and organic and grass fed meats.

I had a dream last night while on the fast, that I was in an old rusty Buick with a bunch of young guys in their twenties having fun and eating only the frosting on a 2 layered cake. I had a therapist who used to tell me that vehicles in dreams mean yourself, hmmm? Perhaps that means even though I feel young on the inside I need to attend to my body to make it last! The dream brought up different interpretations for me. 1) I have been only eating yummy, but not very nutritious things, 2) I can’t have my cake and eat it too – too much fun = unhealthy. I must grown up and do what is right for me. Hmm, that sounds kinda right!

“Morning-after Puffy Apple Flaxcakes”
This recipe is for one serving, double for two people. This is really yummy and has no gluten. For those of you who do not digest wheat well, this is a terrific meal!

1-2 tablespoons of filtered water
1 egg
2 tablespoons of shredded apple
3 tablespoons milled or ground flaxseeds
1 teaspoon Stevia Plus
dash of cinnamon
olive oil spray

1) Whisk egg, apple, flaxseeds, and stevia together with water in a bowl
2) Lightly coat an omelet pan with olive oil spray and heat over medium heat
3) Pour egg mixture into the pan and cook until bottom of the flaxcake is solid enough to flip, 3-4 minutes.
4) Carefully flip the flaxcake, cooking till done, about 1 minute
5) sprinkle with cinnamon and serve.
6) This wasn’t in the recipe, but we added a bit of honey for syrup!


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