swoon on the river

These two videos are of a lecture at MOMA by Swoon, a community artist, who creates street art and installations where people can experience them without going to a museum. I posted them with part 2 first because I liked it more and part 1 is more background on her work.

I have a desire to make something that is sort of like a seed that spreads, that blows in the wind and ends up in different places.” – Swoon

On one of the big projects she worked with a collective to create the “Miss Rockaway Armada”. This was a floating ship made out of recycled materials and Volkswagen engines that ran on biodiesel. Swoon and a crew of 30 traveled to different cities on the Mississippi River and performed along the way.

I found her art and mission to be very refreshing. It reflects the spirit of  where the young artists are venturing to today.


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