your physical body is 99.999% empty

Atoms are 99.999 percent empty. Since we are made up of billions of atoms that makes us filled up with a bunch of nothing!

I just read this in a book called “You Already Know What to Do, 10 invitations to the intuitive life”, by Sharon Franquemont.

I guess I already knew this, but it really made me wonder why I fill up with activities, commitments, possessions, worries, stresses, and stuff.

Is it more comfortable to have things to do and places to be all the time? Can I relax in my natural spaciousness? Can I enjoy the fluidity of my body?

If I have so much space can I let go of those things that are not necessary to give me more room? Make space to invite in those things, beings, energies that I would enjoy and allow me to expand?

When I read about meditation, I’m instructed to let distractions to float by. Can I do this in my everyday?

Visualizing my body with all that space fills me with a sense of peace and calm and wonder.

I reminds me of when Ander and I were in Amsterdam. We spent a day in an altered space. I looked over at him and he was a shimmering, translucent, mass of rainbow colored points of light dancing around. Perhaps this is what we all really look like.


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