back in my saddle

I just got my dell laptop back from repair today and it feels like when you get your car back from the mechanic. It’s like when your best friend goes on vacation for a few weeks and finally comes home.

My friend Eric did a pretest on my computer to find out that it wasn’t my hard drive and helped me download most of my files off it before I sent it to Dell for repair. 

I was lucky enough to have a terrific loaner computer from David and Esther, so I did not go through technology withdrawals. I got to work on a Mac for 3 weeks and I did get to liking it. I was even thinking of buying one if my Dell went bust, but since it only cost $199 for shipping and repair….well I think I’ll use my old laptop for a while more.

So Dell ended up fixing or changing my video card (not sure which), updated my bios, and gave me a new cable. They actually did it pretty quickly. I was sent a box to ship everything in and my repaired system was sent back to me via DHL. Even though the communication on the phone with Dell was a bit convoluted (too many different departments not knowing what each other does) the actual repair, turn around, and shipping was pretty painless.

I have to say, doing blogging on a PC is easier and the writing and formatting is far more flexible than on the Mac. Issues with Safari and even Firefox kinda drove me nutty. So I am smiling and blogging again at ease with my Dell.

But another thing that is really amazing is what a wonderful community I live in now. My friends were so available to help out when I needed it. My friend Holly also offered me a computer to borrow during the repair. Wow, it is nice to have so many willing to be there for me. Thanks everyone!


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