what was she thinking? art show


Lisa Petrides and I have an art exhibit up at Enso Art Gallery in Half Moon Bay, Ca. This is an art exhibit of 12 women by 2 women. We invited Enso Community Center members to submit pictures of women that would serve as inspiration for the work in this show, which is why you may see some familiar faces and names as you look around this exhibit. We worked with the idea that each woman’s picture would be used to provoke us to create a piece of art around “what was she thinking.” We received images from Leslie Hunt, David Latimer, Mauro Di Nucci, Eric Kiebler, Taara Hoffman, Mallory Nomura Saul, Judy Johnson-Williams, and Gerry Bassermann.

It proved to be quite a task to balance the perspective of what the woman in the picture might have been thinking, what the photographer had been thinking, why the giver of the photo gave that particular picture to us, not to mention our own thoughts and interpretations as artists. Therefore, the stories told in each of these pieces are really about all of our lives, the woman herself, the photographer, the giver, and the artist. picture-2.png

There are different paths you can take to view this work. You can choose to enter the exhibit without any reference and see each piece on its own. Another route to take is to look at the image montage comprised of the original images given to us, and then to find the corresponding numbers on the art pieces.

I will post some images from the show over the next few days. We have quite a variety of media, from found objects, to installation, to collages and painting.

Honoring Grandmothers from Far Lands Performance We will perform live “Honoring Grandmothers from Far Lands”, a 20-minute piece that includes spoken word and movement. This piece was first performed at Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes Station earlier this year.The performance is made up of stories and memories of our grandmothers’ lives. Some of the digging we did for this show left us with more questions than answers.It was an interesting realization to find out how much a woman emigrating from Greece actually had in common with a woman emigrating from Japan. For example, both of these women’s families arranged their marriages, which led to their journey to America. We wonder if they thought that they ever had a choice to do so.

Through our storytelling we hope to conjure up the audiences’ memories or questions about their own grandmothers. In doing so, we wish to honor our maternal forebears and remember that we would not be here if not for their sacrifices.

We will be having a closing reception on July 28, 4-7pm, with our performance at 5pm.

Check out https://judykitsune.wordpress.com/2007/07/22/check-out-my-slide-show/ to see more art in this show.

You can see more of my work at www.judyshintani.com.


2 thoughts on “what was she thinking? art show

  1. If you were a wee bit closer, I would love to experience this exhibit and hear your stories of your grandmothers. I love the beauty and meaning that you are bringing into the world. The world *needs* artists! I *need* artists.

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