two birds came to visit

owl.jpgI dreamt of two birds who came to call on me. One was a white owl with scalloped feathers covering its body and big yellow eyes. It was very tame and sat on my hand. The other bird was a small quail, bobbing around. It too was very tame and friendly.

The owl often represents the unknown and the feminine, while the quail can represent fear, but also community.


3 thoughts on “two birds came to visit

  1. Unknown is good where lots of risk to take, where there isn’t any risk involve, sometimes life can be dull and routine. We all need to be exposed to some sort of risk in life, to experiment greater gain and enrichment. That is all I can comment.

  2. Hi, Judy!

    I was just thinking of you the other day – my wife and I were driving along Highway 1 between Mendocino and Jenner and I remembered driving with you along the same route after spending the weekend at some cabin with a bunch of our college compatriots.

    Sorry I missed your show in Half Moon Bay! Drop me a line!!!


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