girls for change


I just found out about this group for girls that sounds fantastic. wish it was around when I was a teenager. it is called “girls for change“. their tagline is “a national organization that empowers girls to create social change”. I love that they made up this word, “self fullness”- a balance of personal health, personal growth, and self-care.

Here are some examples of what the silicon valley chapter has done:

  • 300 middle school students participated in a week long campaign to “Pulverize Peer Pressure”
  • 50 community members learned about the genocide in Darfur
  • 250 high school students, middle school students, and adults participated in workshops on how media impacts gender relations
  • 15 continuation high school senior girls attended the school’s first annual weekend retreat to build sisterhood and life skills
  • 50 middle school students learned about immigration raids and how to advocate for immigrant rights
  • 50 community members attended a launch event for a team-produced gang prevention magazine

I thought this was an interesting project which was formed and carried out by teenage girls:

Team 42 aimed to educate students, administrators and parents/guardians about tactics military recruiters use at the high school level to get students to enlist in the Armed Forces. The girls shared their personal experiences with military recruiters and researched what they believe are tricks that the recruiters use to get students to join. Through their research they found that students of color and students from low income communities are often specifically targeted. The girls believe that these tricks used by recruiters lead to young people making choices based on false information. They hope to raise awareness so that young people, especially young people of color from low income communities, are making informed and empowered choices about their futures.

each year 1,000+ teen girls gather with 500+ professional women for the most powerful and respected girl conference in the country: GFC’s Girl Summit. together girls gain the self-esteem, skills and resources it takes to change the world. throughout the day, girls are inspired by speakers, performers, social change workshops and–most importantly–each other.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
San Jose Convention Center

they are accepting workshop proposals until Sept 25, and there are opportunities for volunteers, etc – think about it!


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