we are not number one

What happened to the United States? I have to say, sometimes it is embarrassing to live here. Compared, for example, to the Western European nations, the U.S. ranks worst or next-to-worst when it comes to:

• overall child welfare (UNICEF)
• health care system ranking (WHO)
• poverty rate (OECD)
• income equality — rich/poor gap (OECD)
• air pollution per capita (UN HDI)
• carbon dioxide emissions per capita #9;(UNHDI)
• ecological footprint (Global Footprint Network)
• personal savings rate (OECD)
• income and pension security (OECD)
• balance of payments (OECD)
• municipal waste per capita (UNHDI)
• development assistance to poor countries per capita (OECD)
• longevity (OECD)
• infant mortality (OECD)
• child abuse (Every Child Matters)
• depression (WHO, AMA)
• anxiety (WHO, AMA)
• obesity (OECD)
• murder rate (Nationmaster.com)
• incarceration rate (OECD)
• motor vehicle fatalities per capita (OECD)
• vacation time (CEPR)
• paid family leave (GWF)
• paid sick leave (GWF)
• the size of its middle-class by percent #9;(UNHDI)
• voting rate (IDEA)
• press freedom (FreedomHouse.org)
• personal freedom (World Liberty Project)

from common ground magazine

WHO – World Health Organization
OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
UNHDI – United Nations Human Development Index
AMA – American Medical Association
CEPR – Center for Economic and Policy Research
GWF – Global Working Families Study
IDEA – International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance


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