A different mindset

The Bay Area in California seems a long way away in more ways than just distance. I knew I was experiencing a different way of thinking when I saw a promo on the billboard for Boomtown Casino in Reno. They were offering a free camouflage hunter’s hat with the shrimp and Bud $1.00 meal.

As we drove on Hi way 50 a few hours into our journey to New Mexico we came to Miners Town, Nevada. The way they celebrate October there is to have the “Pumpkin Blast”. They set up pumpkins for target shooting and participants get awards depending on skill and distance. Ander thought this could be a great new offering for the HMB Pumpkin Festival in California.

We spent the night in Milford, Nevada. There they had flyers up for the upcoming “Deer Hunter’s Ball.” Do you think they wear tuxedos and gowns to this or buckskin?

What all this says to me is that guns and hunting is much more a way of life in other parts of the country. What we Californian urbanites would consider really unPC – guns, camo clothing, and hunting, is a-okay in some places. I’m not saying that is wrong because perhaps there is an overpopulation of deer and the hunters are providing a service to their environment or they could be just putting food on their families’ tables.


I have to say I still felt a bit queasy though, when we came face to face with a dead deer, bleeding from it’s mouth, laying in the bed of the pick-up in front of us. I hope the hunters have a better reason to kill this beautiful animal than just for the fun of it.



3 thoughts on “A different mindset

  1. fyi, this looks like an elk rather than a deer. in our part of the country overpopulation of deer are a huge issue as well. i in fact hunt deer as well. i am what is considered a meat hunter, as i am more interested in the meat than the antlers. although i do love the antlers, that is not the reason i would kill a deer. i use many, many parts of any deer that i kill including the hide, which i tan, the hair which i use to tie flies for fly fishing, the nails and hooves which i use for art, and of course the meat. i love the whole process from the hunt all the way to the butchering and of course the amazing meat. some of the best steaks are venison backstrap. you can learn a lot by handling the whole process. in fact if you are a meat eater i think you owe it to yourself to realize the work this whole process is. you will regard the animal with more respect, the butcher as an artist and the chef as amazing once you have taken on this process. this is not an inexpensive experience either, and this raises money for habitat for animals of all sorts, not just deer and other game. hunters are the original land lovers. unfortunately there are people that disregard life, and make a bad name for other hunters. maybe this is a deep part of my ethnic roots talking, as i have a very little heritage of native american. my two cents. 🙂 http://darinwhite.wordpress.com

  2. thanks for the correction and also another perspective on hunting! This is why I love blogging. I learn something new. I respect your hunting etiquette.

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