Hoodoos cast their spell


I never knew what to call these beautiful geological rock formations. Now I know after visiting Bryce Canyon in Utah. They are Hoodoos, pillars of rock carved by ancient rivers over millions of years.

This is the legend that is on the sign at the Amphitheater lookout:

“Before there were any Indians, the Legend People, lived in that place. There were many of them. They were of many kinds – birds, animals, lizards, and such things – but they looked like people…for some reason, The Legend People in that place were bad. Because they were bad, Coyote turned them into rocks. You can see them in that place now; all turned into rocks; some standing in rows, sitting down, some holding on to others. You can see their faces, with paint on them just as they were before they become rocks…” – Paiute Indian legend.

Boy, I tell you, I almost wish we had a coyote right now to turn some bad folks running this country into rocks!



One thought on “Hoodoos cast their spell

  1. Hoodoo……Hoodoo we think we are? I’ ve read your whole recent blog entries…..and really appreciate them and the pix about your travels. I did see the article in the Review about the commons with Lisa, but I’m glad you featured it on your blog. gonna comment elsewhere also. S

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