magic tree in the desert

We drove 7 hours on Hi way 50, the so called “the loneliest road in the world”. What is nice about going this route is that there is very little traffic, or anything else for that matter. Mostly it is a two land road with chamisa spotted desert, big horizons and incredible clouds.


Then this magical tree comes into view. It seemed to say “you are not the only ones who have traveled on this route”. On the tree are hundreds of shoes hanging from their laces. It sort of reminded me of what burb kids do. You know, throw their sneakers over the telephone line. I wondered why people stopped here to add their shoes to this particular tree? I think there may have been a small stream nearby so perhaps they stopped alone this desolate path in the middle of no where, to cool their tootsies? I imagine all these barefooted people getting back into their hot cars and going on their way after adding to the hanging shoe collection.. Oh by the way, I did not add any of my zapatas to the collaborative tree sculpture, just admired it.



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