Ask and receive

Today I had an interesting experience. For the past few days I have needed some envelopes to mail off some bills and letters. I am house sitting our friends’ house and I have no idea where they keep them. They live about 20 miles from the nearest store and each time I’ve gone into town, I’ve forgotten to pick some envelopes up.

envelope.jpg I went upstairs into their office today and bunches of envelopes were scattered on the floor! They seemed to have escaped from the file cabinet. The lower drawer was pulled out slightly. Now how did this happen?
The only thing I can think of is that their cats may have been playing in the cabinet, but still, why that particular drawer and why did they pick envelopes to get into?

Whatever, the mystery put a smile on my face. The tune-up I was hoping for in the beautiful New Mexico seems to be working. I’m in synch with the universe!


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