Straw bale house in New Mexico

This is the beautiful straw bale house that our friends Glen and Eliane built in Madrid, NM. We were lucky to house sit this palace for the month of October. Glen designed and constructed the structure himself and even includes kitty tunnels and sunning perches for their pets. The main living space is one large room, with a separate bedroom and loft office.




Here is a nice detail, bottle light portals, outside view and inside view:

front-portals.jpg inside-portals.jpg

11 thoughts on “Straw bale house in New Mexico

  1. Hi there Glen and Eliane Straw Bale House Builders in New Mexico!

    My name is Laurie Wearne, and I am with a youth leadership, environmental education group called Talking Talons Youth Leadership.

    We are trying to find someone to come and speak at our Community Education Day event about the art and skill of Straw Bale House Building. When I saw pictures of your Madrid house from the Nov. 4, 2007 article, I thought that you would surely be a great fit! Here is the information:

    The Community Education Day event that we facilitate is called WILDFEST. The WILDFEST event is an opportunity for the public to learn about wildlife; the environment; conservation points, concerns, issues. It is also an opportunity for youth and families to find new passions, interests, or hobbies and ways to get involved in their communities. This is our 8th year offering this event to the community. We are partnering this year with the USFS, Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots, NM Dept. of Health, and Roosevelt Middle School. We invite many animal rescue groups, environmental education groups, and demonstration groups to join us. This year WILDFEST is scheduled for Saturday, July 26, 2008. The event is being held again at Roosevelt Middle School in Tijeras, just slightly east of Albuquerque. The event time is from 10:00am to 4:00pm, although the crowd starts to thin out around 2:00pm.

    It would be so awesome and appropriate if your calendar was open and you could join us!! It would be a great way to demonstrate that straw bale house building doesn’t have to sacrifice style, quality, and sophistication!!!! What you have accomplished would be incredible to share to inspire others!!!

    Please let me know if you can attend. Any time within the above time window on that Saturday would be fine.

    I hope to hear from you soon. I will watch for your email.

    Thanks, and again we hope you can make it,

    Laurie Wearne
    Program Director
    Talking Talons Youth Leadership
    PO Box 2020
    Tijeras, NM 87059
    505-281-1133 ext 2#

  2. could we visit your home and see the great straw home you built. And get some advice for building one in Placitas.

  3. love your house I use to live on the back road in madrid on the property with 2 houses with one on the hill sharon

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