Intention and Creation Art Show

What is the relationship between artmaking and intention?

Does artmaking manifest our intentions?

How does the act of creation reveal conscious thought?


I have the wonderful opportunity to be part of this show that Margaret Lindsey curated and it is currently up in the Enso Art Gallery in Half Moon Bay, Ca.
The reception is November 24, 4-6pm.

The intention of this show is to explore the relationship between intention and manifestation, through a show of work by several different transformative artists. Each artist’s work will be accompanied by a statement about the relationship between intention and creation in the pieces they’ve displayed.

For example, some artists feel that intention arises first, and that the form subsequently created reveals new or deeper information about that thought. For others, the act of creating brings a previously undetermined intention into consciousness or focus. Other artists see artmaking as a way of organizing the energy of an intention into a coherent or directed state. This could include artmaking as the vehicle for conscious intention, when art is used as prayer, in meditation, or for directed healing.


One thought on “Intention and Creation Art Show

  1. Here a social website where you post your intentions directly to the World!!

    It allows you to define your aims in life, making you more conscious of them in order for your goals to manifest. is based on the law of attraction, which states: “You get what you think about”.

    Will you post your intention to the world ?

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