Contagious happiness

I loved this dance troop called “Dholrhythms“.

This is what their website said about the kind their dance style:

“Bhangra is perhaps the most vigorous form of South Asian Dances. Bhangra originated in the fertile land of Punjab. Punjab means land of five waters (rivers); it is a Northwest region of the Indian Subcontinent, currently spread amongst Indian states of Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, parts of Himachal, Hariyana and Pakistani Punjab.

Bhangra is a cheerful and lively form of expression created among farmers while they worked in the fields. It abundantly reflects the vigor, the vitality, the level of exuberance, and the enthusiasm shared among the rural folk by the promise of a bumper crop. The basic movements in Bhangra relate to farming activities like ploughing, sowing, and, harvesting.

The overall movements are from medium to high pace and require a great deal of energy and stamina – one may get easily burned out in less than 15 minutes flat. The traditional Bhangra musical instruments are Dhol (a large barrel shaped drum), Chimta, (claps), and vocals.

The Bhangra season starts with the wheat sowing and then every full moon attracts teams of young men in every village who dance for hours in open fields. The dancers begin to move in a circle around the drummer, who now and then lifts the two sticks, with which he beats the drum, to beckon the dancers to a higher tempo of movement. They start with a slow movement of their feet. As the tempo increases, the hands, the feet, and in fact the whole body comes into action. When the wheat crop is nearing ripening and the hard labor of the farmer is about to bear fruit, it is time of rejoicing and merry making and through Bhangra; their emotions find uninhibited and spontaneous expression of genuine happiness. The Bhangra season concludes with the Baisakhi fair when the wheat is harvested.


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