“Our being connected to everyone all the time is a good thing and a bad thing”

“Our being connected to everyone all the time is a good thing and a bad thing,” said Dr. David Spiegel, a professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine. This is a quote from the article, Stress makes us depressed, fat, sick – and we do it to ourselves” which to really worth reading.

Here is some more info from the article:

The hard part for many people is figuring out how much stress is too much. Everyone experiences daily frustrations and anxieties – rush-hour traffic, looming deadlines at work, petty office politics.

“We’re so used to it that we don’t even think about stress anymore. It’s just life,” Spiegel said. “We think if we’re really tough we’ll work through these limitations. We’re not very respectful of our bodies and that creates the real problem.

“Listen to your body. It’s smarter than you are, and it’s telling you you’re taking on too much.

But with increasing pressure to perform and meet higher and higher expectations – make more money, send the kids to better schools, lose weight, make sure everyone in the family has their best Christmas ever – it’s becoming harder and harder for people to let go.

For many people, just giving themselves a break, literally and figuratively, can make a huge difference in how they handle stress. That could mean deciding that this year’s Christmas party is a potluck instead of a dinner for mom to slave over.

Doctors also suggest taking a few minutes several times a day to meditate, or finding a quiet spot to sit down and relax. Exercise helps a lot, doctors say, and taking a brisk walk before or after work can clear the mind.

Below is more info about stress from the article. I saw my symptoms in the list.

Symptoms of chronic stress

— Trouble with sleep, work, or relationships with friends and family.
— Gastrointestinal problems, a cold that takes longer than it should to go away, exhaustion, irritability, or flare-ups of conditions such as asthma or arthritis.
— Skin conditions such as acne or rashes, or even numbness or a tingling sensation in one part of the body.


One thought on ““Our being connected to everyone all the time is a good thing and a bad thing”

  1. Managing stress, rather than let it manage us, may be the most important thing we do in life. All the symptoms you mentioned are related to problems that are ongoing and become caught up and expressed in many forms of chronic disease.

    For me and the folks I work with a writing practice can be a very useful tool in discharging the impact of past stress and protect ourselves from on going stress.

    Ellen Taliaferro, MD

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