Oil Hogs R US

Wow, Ander just sent me a link which shows us being real oil pigs. We consume 20.5 thousand barrels of oil per day! That is over 24% of the world’s oil. I knew we were hogs, but seeing it visually helps me get it.

Go to http://media.ft.com/cms/19d4f43e-a1a5-11dc-a13b-0000779fd2ac.swf and see who produces oil and who the US gets oil from….eye opening. Think I better start riding my bike more…
oil map


One thought on “Oil Hogs R US

  1. Let me tell you something. In the USA are more or less 300 million people, compare to my country Venezuela 25 millions, of course in the US is going to be the country who consume more of anything. Because the others country who have the same amount of people or more are very poor and they don’t have cars. ( India / China) Maybe those are the only countries who happend to have more people than the United State. Yes, you guys are big consumer of everything, because you have close to 300 million people of have medium income to buy. Just wait 10 more years and it will be China who consume more than everybody, because China is on the rise as we speak and they will be the biggest market for anything. If you are in any kind of business, you have to start watching China for business. The American are not pig when oil come to play. You should go to my country that everybody have a big SUV and the gallon of gas is about 21 cent, compare to the rest that it is more expensive than the US>

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