Jojo winter wear and therapy puppets

Joelle, an incredible artist, makes exquisite winter wonderland hats every year. Ander models the fake fur edged red number and I have this year’s new style, the Tibetan Mohawk. I like her color and design sense in the textures and colors Joelle selects to put together in her creations. She says she sells her hats to many 20-30 year old burning man types, but also to a lot of over 50 year old women who are in the midst of a life transformation. Her work brings a lot of joy and delight to the hat wearers and also everyone who sees them.

anderelf.jpg tibetan-mohawk.jpg


Here is Queen Elf Jojo at work! She also makes puppets for the holiday KPFA sale.

A big focus for her is creating special puppets to be used in kids’ therapy. These puppets exhibit many different emotions and allow kids to act out scenes and relate with these puppets to help them through some tough issues. Some of the puppets are scary, mean, and sad looking. I filmed her talking about her work and will be editing this little video soon.


She perfected a latex process to make the puppet hands.



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