Yummy Simplicity


Ander’s old time friend and fellow musician, Jim, made us an incredible omelet when we were in Santa Fe. I have to say it was the best omelet I have ever eaten, mainly because it was so light and fluffy, not heavy. Here is what he “threw” together:

The Perfect Omelet

Preheat pan and add butter and/or olive oil

whip together:
pepper and salt and other spices to taste

Pour egg mixture in pan and let set-up so it browns on the bottom and loose from the pan.
Put following ingredients on half of the eggs in the pan.
swiss cheese
layer of spinach
chopped fresh basil from Glen and Eliane’s greenhouse
chopped green onions
thin sliced tomatoes
layer of feta cheese

Fold the empty side of the egg mixture over the full side. Prop the pan up on one side and put a bit of water in the lower empty side of the pan. Cover the pan and allow the omelet to steam. This cooks all the ingredients at the same temperature.

Perfect and scrumptious!


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