First US wave-energy off the California coast

I think we need this in HMB!


An offshore wave farm will supply Californians with clean green electricity generated by the ocean, under a first-of-its-kind power purchase agreement.

PG&E has signed a long-term contract to buy 2-megawatts of electricity from Finavera Renewables’ wave-energy power plant, to be built off the Northern California coast. The Vancouver company intends to eventually expand the Humboldt County project into a 100-megawatt “wave park.” It is likely to be the first of a score of floating power stations dotting California’s 1,100-mile coastline in the coming years.

The ocean as potential source of greenhouse gas-free power is tremendous: The energy locked up in the surf rolling toward the California coast is equivalent to some 37 gigawatts — enough to light nearly 30 million homes — according to PG&E. And unlike the sun and wind, waves can generate electricity 24/7. But the technology to tap all that water-borne power and deliver it at competitive prices remains in the start-up phase.

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3 thoughts on “First US wave-energy off the California coast

  1. I live in Orange County and every time I go to beach and see the waves,I think there is more we can do rather than surfing on these ocean waves,we have to decrease our fossil fuel use and switch to eco friendly solutions as soon as possible otherwise there is a great risk for us…

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