Recycled bag flying museum

One of the most creative uses of plastic bags I have seen!



Museo Aero Solar – the first flying museum, build with recycled plastic bag, that flies using only solar energy. A solar flying canvas. Any plastic bag of any size, color, and thickness is useful. From village to village, from country to country, from continent to continent, from solar system to the un-known, the “museo aero solar” will be traveling and growing with solar and human energy. Each time it lands there will be more plastic bags added to it from the local community which will determine its shape and content, and in this way increase the flight distance. A museum where dimensions, shape, color and location are in constant mutation – the more bags, the bigger its dimensions and the larger its collection. …where the air is his own territory. …. a viable solar vehicle as an alternative to the un-sustainability of our airplanes. In search of new frontiers, where each launch will be questioning and challenging the existing military air division of this world…

Museo Aero Solar – The First Flying Museum – a project initiated by Tomas Saraceno

Check it out at swissmiss


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