Sacred sound immersion event, 3/22

Diana Maxwell, former coastsider is organizing this fab event in San Francisco.



2 thoughts on “Sacred sound immersion event, 3/22

  1. Thank you for all you are doing to advance sound healing.

    Just in case you have any friends on the left coast looking for sound healing workshops:

    Shamanic Sound Healing Intensive

    Hidden Lake Retreat–Eagle Creek, Oregon
    May 24-26th, 2008

    This intensive is designed to expand your ability to:
    find and utilize your sacred voice
    hold witness and be a vessel for sound and spirit
    work with vibration and intention for the purpose of healing self & others

    Join with others with shared intention to:
    investigate and experience the unwinding & transmuting qualities of sound ;
    be nourished through receiving and transmitting healing sound;
    build deeper relationships with sacred sound and song.

    All levels of experience are welcome.


    $395 residential–includes tuition, accommodations at beautiful Hidden Lake Retreat on Saturday and Sunday evenings, and all meals Saturday lunch through Monday lunch.

    $275 non-residential–includes tuition, lunch and dinner on Saturday, lunch and dinner on Sunday, and lunch on Monday.

    An optional sweat lodge ceremony will be held after workshop hours on Sunday evening as a gift to participants wishing to explore sound in ceremony.

    Workshop facilitators:

    Lauri Shainsky, Ph.D., is an Associate Teacher & Healer at LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. She has studied shamanism for 10 years and has been blessed by having many great teachers, including Jan Engels-Smith, Michael and Sandra Harner, Tom Kenyon, Betsy Bergstrom, Bradford Keeney and, of course, her compassionate spirits–they are the true teachers.

    Judith Crop, M.A., L.P.C. is an ordained Minister, Licensed Professional Counselor, Meditation
    Instructor, Spiritual Coach and graduate of Tom Kenyon’s Professional Sound Healing Training. Her eclectic, spontaneous approach to facilitation and guidance emerges from a rich background of training and life experience.

    To register, contact Judith at 503-637-3407 or email her at
    by May 15.

    See for more information

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