Dining in 2015 design competition

The results of the “Dining in 2015” design competition are announced. I picked out a couple I liked and they were not even in the top 5 and still very cool!

I think if you have kids (or male adults) at the table, these could be really fun…or not!

Name of design : Wheel you pass me the salt?
Design by : Iris Zohar from Israel
Designer’s own words: When passing things over dinner table can drive you crazy you can use “Wheel you pass me the salt?”- Salt and pepper shakers on wheel, And drive the” toothpick-up”- Toothpicks pick-up.


Name of design : Finger Skin
Design by : dae hoon jung from korea 
Designer’s own words: Using human’s most primary tool ‘hands’. Designed for eating conveniently during the travel and also at anywhere outside. As a disposal product, it is very easy to use at anytime and anywhere. 3 sizes, its organic shape covers around fingers so fingers can be fitted into it. Concerning the environment, it is made of‘Mater Bi’, a biodegradable compound(made from potato, wheat and corn starches).

See all of the designs here: http://www.designboom.com/contest/winner.php?contest_pk=21


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