Pranksters caught in SF film festival


Our own buddy David Latimer is working with some other folks in producing  the 1ST ANNUAL PRANKS FILM FESTIVAL

The festival is a three day celebration and tribute to the “Art of the Prank” and those pranksters that have courage enough to pull them off. The Festival will screen films about the masters like Alan Abel, John Law, The Cacophany Society and the Billboard Liberation Front and short docs from the newest infiltrators and prankster, like the Yes Men, Harmon Leon and Joey Skaggs. This is a festival that is both humorous and political.

April 1, 2, 3 at The Roxie Cinema
3117 16th Street/Valencia, San Francisco CA 94110

Tickets $10 per day for all shows. (Thur April 3 9PM Todd Blair Benefit: Separate $10 admission, benefits Todd)

For schedule info:

Ticket and other information:


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