World Improv Freeze San Francisco, 4/1, 9am

UPDATE: 4/2, here is the entry with the video from this improv event! click here: 

 Remember the freeze youtube video in Grand Central Station? If you haven’t seen it, I posted it earlier at

Now you can be part of the fun on April Fool’s Day!

Pause for thought. Pause for human kind. Pause for our planet.
Be in the main hall inside the Ferry Building Marketplace on April 1 at9AM and freeze your position. Have your mobile phone alarm set for9:05AM so that you know when to start moving again.Hmmm do we need to do this in HMB – M Coffee? Safeway? Lisa – here is your chance!So far there will be simultaneous April 1 events in:
  • London Paddington, 5 pm.
  • Malmö Gustav Adolfs Torg, 6 pm.
  • NYC, Grand Central Station, noon.
  • San Francisco, Ferry Building, 9 am.
  • Copenhagen, Strøget by Illum, 6 pm.
  • Florence, Piazza Duomo, 6 pm.
  • Milan, Galleria Vitt. Emanuelle II, 6 pm.
  • Portland Oregon, to be announced.
  • English farmer freeze, to be announced.

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