A tiny run

I love this idea! Read below about what Tiny Run is. My brain is spinning with design ideas right now. The current t-shirt design has a big ‘ole piece of bacon on it! You can even order it with glow in the dark fat!

Tiny Run is a bi-weekly, on-demand, interesting shirt product venue. For two weeks a single design will be featured, and at the end of every two week period, only the amount of orders placed dictate how many are produced. The old design is retired, and a new design will be posted. Designs will not be reissued, there is no backstock. The whole idea is to make a tiny, more personal run of a design.”

Check it out at: http://www.tinyrun.com/


One thought on “A tiny run

  1. Ms. Kitsune! Hello!

    Thanks for the little writeup, and I Iook forward to seeing what you might submit! I like your work quite a bit and wonder at what you might think of, I’m sure it will be awesome.

    Feel free to contact me whenever over whatever…

    Thanks again….

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