She will be seen!

My Venus sculpture will be featured in the Intertidal Art Show at Alta Bates Hospital! Hurrah! I was concerned that she may not meet the criteria because of a nudity restriction. I thought it may be iffy and so I am glad she will be displayed.

She really was created in the spirit of celebration and joy. She is connection between the ocean, nature, beauty and the abundance of the feminine. All the shells were gathered over the years by me and friends, so they are included with intention and love.

Click here for some more info on my other pieces in the show.



Hope you may be able to see her in person.


Included in the show are:
Photographs by Jamie McHugh
Photo art by Tara Gill
Collages by Susan Adame
Sculpture by Judy Shintani

May 10 – July 10, 2008
Always open

Artists’ reception Sat. May 10, 5-7 pm

Community Art Gallery
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
2450 Ashby Ave, Berkeley


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