Some People Project

This week the theme has been story telling for me. I came across this great website called some people.

Here is how Harrell Fletcher, one of the artists who started the some people project explains it:

The idea is that people select other people that they know or would like to know and make a web documentary about them. The documented people need to be alive and willing and really interesting in one way or another (and not already well known). My hope is that eventually the site will become a vast archive of interesting people that you most likely otherwise would never find out about.

There are a few documentaries on the site already, but I’m hoping people will start to add more and more–revealing otherwise hidden lives and creating new documentary approaches within the public space of the web.

The plan is that eventually there will also be Some People exhibitions, publications, radio pieces, and video screenings selected from the ever growing content on the Some People site.

Check it out. I found the stories very charming and interesting. Who knows, maybe I’ll put some up of my own about my favorite interesting people in Half Moon Bay!


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