Steep Ravine Campground Heaven

deep ravine cabins

In April, we went camping at Steep Ravine Campground near Stinson Beach, Calif, with Clifford and his friend. I have been wanting to post these beautiful photos for awhile and I’m finally getting to it. It was a beautiful 2 days with warm weather so we could hike around and take naps under the trees. We did a lot of shell collecting too. We wanted a relaxing retreat with hardly any other people around and this met the ticket!

This is the description from the reservation site:

Just north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate is Mount Tamalpais, 6,300 acres of redwood groves and oak woodlands with a spectacular view from the 2,571-foot peak. On a clear day, visitors can see the Farallon Islands, 25 miles to sea, the Marin County hills, San Francisco and the bay, hills and cities of the East Bay, and Mount Diablo. On rare occasions, the Sierra Nevada’s snow-covered mountains can be seen 150 miles away. Coastal Miwok Indians lived in the area for thousands of years before Europeans arrived. In 1770, two explorers named the mountain La Sierra de Nuestro Padre de San Francisco, which was later changed to the Miwok word Tamalpais. With the Gold Rush of 1849, San Francisco grew and more people began to use Mount Tamalpais for recreation. Trails were developed and a wagon road was built. Later, a railway was completed and became known as “the Crookedest Railroad in the World”. It was abandoned in 1930 after a wildfire damaged the line.

Services & Amenities – 9 rustic cabins and 7 campgrounds:
* Backpacking Camping
* Comfort Station
* Disabled Access Site
* Fishing
* Hiking Trails
* Horseback Riding
* Parking
* Ranger Station
* Restrooms
* Telephone
* Toilet, Accessible

deep ravine 2

deep ravine 3

deep ravine 4


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