Shirley’s mom

I had put out a call for “mother stories” around Mother’s Day and Shirley McClure responded with a story below. Thanks Shirley!

I remember being with my mom before I went to kindergarten and her teaching me how to write my name and a few other things that were about numbers. She spent time with me also showing me how to trace line drawings of horses and shapes. She was an artist and had a “Great Artist” correspondence course, which I later used to help me solidify my sketching skills. I had forgotten she spent that time with me and how much my ability to draw came from her from the start.

She did sketches that were assignments for the Great Artist course, and lots of drawings of us, her daughters when we were babies and young children, that we came across years ago, and that my sisters have. She had aspirations to be an artist and my dad supported her until she got a job which took her away from being involved with the family and then, because we were in the Air Force and had to move every three years, she gave it up. But she would doodle and draw while on the phone, and I picked up that habit too, and it led to me being able to do some self expression during the long years of school when I was bored and numb from sitting in classrooms. While I was care giving her, she began doing a lot of drawing. I have yet to find her drawings, but when they turn up I will find a way to do a show of them for her, the artist that never got to do a show.


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