Shark in the Mission

From our friend Debbie Sciales:
This last semester, I helped my dear friend, neighbor, and mosaic artist, Sarah Dorrance, teach an art class to children of the Synergy School. After a semester of work, the piece is finished. We installed the mosaic (6′ x 25′ ) at the corner of 25th and Valencia over the weekend. It is entitled, “Where Space meets Earth”. I worked on the shark. Stroll by when you are in the ‘hood.

3 thoughts on “Shark in the Mission

  1. I wanted to let you know that though “Where Space Meets Earth” seemed to be 25 feet long while we were installing, it is really only 16 feet long. Thanks for mentioning it and showing it.
    peace, sarah

  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I checked out the mural (it’s just a couple blocks from me) and it looks even more beautiful in person. My husband also thought it was cool, and I was proud to say a friend of mine worked on it. 🙂

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