Venus at the hospital

If you were following my Venus saga (I was not sure if this art piece was going to get into the Alta Bates Hospital Gallery due to a nudity restriction), I just wanted to follow up (I’m sure you were waiting to know!) that she was welcomed into the gallery fine. I’ve included some photos of her. It has been interesting to see my pieces in a very different environment and also in fancy display cases. I typically show them on top of other found objects which go with my recycle theme of my work. But I like the contrast of the found objects with the pristine cases. I also made “table cloths” of a beige, satiny material which I think worked well.

Background on Venus, the female form was bought at a garage sale from Catherine Favre, who used her for making belly dancing costumes, and she originally got her from Chip, who probably scavenged her up from who knows where. Most of the shells were collected by my friends Charlene and Joan, who were friends for 68 years. I think the joy and fun they had gathering those shells on vacations, energizes the Venus.

I thought it was kinda funny that this display case was positioned to the the first thing that was seen upon leaving the men’s restroom – what a sight, barnacles on a butt!

This piece, along with 5 others will be on display until July 10 at the Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley.


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