A serpent with legs

We had a summer guest for a moment in our wood pile. This weasel was not at all afraid of us and really seemed to like Ander.

Wondering why this little guy came to visit, I did a little research:

Long-Tail Weasel Teaching : Protection
Among the Karuk Indians of northwestern California, the Weasel is considered a teacher and protector. There are many stories about Weasel outwitting witches and serving as a crusader against the evil actions of those who are jealous, wicked, and mean. Weasel is a powerful animal ally called upon to protect oneself and one’s family against the challenges and attacks of sorcerers.

Important Long-Tail Weasel Teaching : Offering Truth
Look to weasel power to tell you the ‘hidden reasons’ behind anything. Observe who or what needs attention, or a solution and offer your assistance in your own quiet or discreet way.

Long-Tail Weasel’s Wisdom Includes :
How to be Cunning and Swift
How to Protect Yourself and Keep Safe
Using Your Intelligence
Employing All Your Senses

Hmmm, a nice ally to have right now!


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