Garden warrior makes a difference

Our garden is doing pretty well this year due to the diligent
efforts of Ander. The Gophers have been managed effectively. Here though, they put some muscle into moving some of the bricks outlining the flowerbed. I’m amazed at their strength!

Mostly we have been inundated by earwigs. Ander has been going out almost every night to pluck them from our veggies. Another route he took was to embed plastic yogurt containers with oil, soy sauce and brown sugar in them and put the id, punched with holes, back on top. The earwigs love the concoction!

We are getting an abundance of squash this year. Last summer the gophers got them because we had not secured the wire under the raised bed.

Favas are thriving also. They are a widely planted crop by the big farmers on the Coastside. Though they are labor intensive to peel to get the edible part, they are very nutritious and yummy.


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