Where you exercise makes all the difference

I just read this article, “Nature and mood: using ecotherapy to treat depression” and it made all the sense in the world. Basically it compared walking in a “green area” vs along the highway or in the mall and the effects on depression or feelings of well being. Guess which path felt better? So as they say, location, location, location! It’s not about just getting the exercise, it is the ambiance of where you do it.

To see where I need to walk more look at the photo in my masthead! That is the coastside trail in Half Moon Bay, California.


4 thoughts on “Where you exercise makes all the difference

  1. Makes sense to me. Seems like depression is basically feeling separated from our true Nature. It is that deep dread that we are well off the proper path, with no idea how to find our way. Being a functioning animal in the real world is just the right medicine. Gets you back on the right path.


  2. It makes sense. It’s been scientifically proven that, for example, green as a color affects our brain in a positive way unlike, for example, black.


  3. So true. Henry David Thoreau said that a well-being should spend at least 5 hours a day outside. Marc installed a clothes line which has been keeping my mother spirit up. For me, being underwater is the ultimate anxiety reducer. Maybe we could figure out a pool lane I could swim between the kitchen sink and the washing machine…solar powered of course!

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