Tower of solar power

I like to pass on what is happening in alternative energy and I picked this up from Skankdragon. Australia has recently drawn-up a design for a revolutionary new solar plant. This plant will generate 200 megawatts of power, and will be able to power 200,000 Australian homes per-year when it’s completed in 2012. EnviroMission Limited is currently constructing the tower in Australia based off a successful prototype-test in Manzanares, Spain.

This solar plant isn’t like any other solar plant; it has a tower. The tower isn’t just for looks though, it does have a function. Everyone knows from basic physics class (or maybe you don’t), that hot air rises. This solar plant is revolutionary because it utilizes the laws of thermodynamics to generate electricity.

The sun heats up the air under the solar collector, forcing the air to rise. When it rises the air turns the turbine and generates electricity. It’s quite a simple idea, but it could alleviate greenhouse gas emissions and generate 100% clean energy.


4 thoughts on “Tower of solar power

  1. Greetings,

    I was just alerted to this article by a friend.

    Rest assured, good old fashioned American ingenuity and entrepreneurial effort is alive and well. My company, Copernicus Energy is currently developing renewable energy power plants in the US based upon the “Solar Tower” principles and designs.

    My first project is currently proceeding outside of Deming, New Mexico. I hope to be under construction by the end of 2008.

    You can keep up with our present developments at We appreciate any and all show of support from those of you that follow the renewable energy industry.

    Robby Richards
    President and CEO
    Copernicus Energy

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