Check out Pacific Art Collective

I was surfing the artist section on craigslist and came upon these guys called the Pacific Art Collective. Why haven’t I heard of them before? Here is what I found on their website:

Pacific Art Collective (PAC) is recognized for catapulting a collaborative arts movement. PAC is dedicated to presenting events that create awareness for International artists, art districts, venues & organizations through cross-cultural education and live performance. Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas, to Los Angeles all the way up to Portland, a collaborative art movement is going down.

PAC strives to inspire and assist communities to grow and prosper through pro-active visions of professional, cultural and artistic cooperation. We continue to stabilize an affirmative and energetic United Nation for all artists by highlighting the contemporary, urban, hip and traditional arts equally. When we work together, we all win!”

Right now PAC seems to be quite active in San Jose. Maybe worth checking them out! They look very urban, cutting edge, graffiti-esque.


One thought on “Check out Pacific Art Collective

  1. These guys rule! They’ve always done a great job of organizing the community and have even inspired a few of my artist friends. San Jose should be proud! Go PAC!

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