RAFT, a must for teachers

My most experienced and wise artist and teacher friend, Judy J-W took me on a field trip to Raft, Resource area for teaching. Judy has been raving about this place for years, but I never took the hike to San Jose to check it out till now.

I walked in and immediately got that this was a recycle wonderland. There were all kinds of packing stuff like weird foam shapes, and boxes and various paper sizes, thickness, and colors. There was yarn of many colors and binders and bags with computer company logos, and plastic containers and even computers and monitors and paints and maps and on and on. They even had sample projects set-up with the lesson plans – many of which were science and math oriented.

Raft also has workshops for teachers and community facilitators. Some examples are book making, worm composting, math games, computer classes.

I am in the process of joining Raft. If you teach in a classroom, licensed childcare or in a community program, you’re eligible to join. They have 7,500+ members that come from all over California, though primarily from Silicon Valley.

If you haven’t been to Raft, check out their very informative website, http://www.raft.net/index.php


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