“When nothing is sure…”

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

— Margaret Drabble (1939-) English Novelist

I think it is interesting that most of us do not think this way. We want to “know” what is going to happen. It is uncomfortable when we do not have a clear direction or answer. I wonder if this is an American pattern? Or is it a human way? What do you think?


One thought on ““When nothing is sure…”

  1. This reminds me of when Charles, whose last name I can never remember how to spell, came to me in a dream inbetween the last class he was able to teach of Art and the Symbolic Process and his death, which came all too soon for me.

    In the dream, everything was confusing, but when we finally sat down to talk he said, “Don’t worry. It’s OK to be confused.” And I will never forget that one, though it slips out of my mind. I can still hear his voice. Maybe we should get t-shirts made up for this or posters, to remind ourselves. Because it’s so true. Confusion precedes new understanding every time.

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